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º1974, Anderlecht (B)
M: 0497/50.28.65
  • media art
  • installation art
  • performances
  • video art
  • artists

Kurt d'Haeseleer

Since 2010 Kurt d' Haeseleer is artistic director of de WERKTANK, a small-scale production house for media art in Bierbeek that offers new media artists the opportunity to work in professional circumstances.

D'Haeseleer is a video artist himself and produces (interactive) installations. These have been part of international festivals and shows in Rotterdam, Tokyo, Montreal, Paris, Berlin. D'Haeseleer is concerned with visualising and symbolising the dynamics of information and data traffic in times of glass fibre cables, computers and modems. In his work he investigates the bodily and urban impact of speed and translates the omnipresence of media into meta-images. He frequently makes use of special effects, creating a pixel drama or soap, situated on the section between painting, videoclip, cinema and performance.

Besides making his own performances, d'Haeseleer regularly works as a video designer in theatre, dance and opera. He is creating the videodesign for the Ring-cycle of Guy Cassiers in the Scala and has been working together with Ictus, Georges Aperghis, Transparant, Kollectif Barakha, Isabella Soupart, Jon Hassell, Annabel Schellekens, Joji Inc, Peter Verhelst and Köhn.