Ghent - Time Festival - TIME IS A BOOK


Booklaunch: November 13, 2009 at 8.00 pm

Time-is-a-book.jpgTime 2009 is the ninth and last edition of Time Festival and above all, a statement by the curators Dirk Braeckman and Els Dietvorst.

Time 2009 is a book. A place to think rather than an event. In the rat race of life, this edition of the festival wants to give more time rather than taking it.

TIME IS A BOOK wants to create a temporary vacuum. A vacuum based on the 'condition' of someone who picks up a book, takes time and reads and looks. This vacuum, the locus of meandering thought, is the solitary place where people can engage intimately with their worries and anxieties, the place where people can gather, consider and try things out. The place where inspiration can be found, but where things and ideas, even if incomplete, can be experimented with.

An important keynote for TIME IS A BOOK is the disquiet and concern that both curators share. Disquiet about the future of the arts and, above all, concern about the future of the world. With TIME IS A BOOK, Dirk Braeckman en Els Dietvorst want to seek out the way other artists deal with this disquiet. They invited about 50 artists to come up with a personal response on specific questions, which can take any one of many different forms: "What acts as the catalyst for your work (the frame of reference, the circumstances, the 'sources of inspiration')? What do you want to show through your work? What does commitment (artistic and other) mean to you? Do you want to be 'radical' and, if so, is that actually feasible?"

This question is presented not as a survey, but as an open invitation to come up with a personal response, which can take any one of many different forms, such as a reflection on one aspect, an excerpt from a diary, a conversation, an interview or a visual contribution.The result is a surprising, experimental space on paper, a sketchbook of virtual ideas and real dreams.

The authors: ACM & Els Dietvorst - Robert Adams - Philip Aguirre y Otegui - Chantal Akerman - Herman Asselberghs - Orla Barry - John Berger - Yves Berger & Daniel Michiels - Wang Bing - Bitter/Weber - Dirk Braeckman & Peter Verhelst - Bureau d'Etude - Boris Charmatz - Wim Cuyvers - Carl De Keyzer - Clayton Eshleman - Belu Simion Fainaru - Jasmina Fekovic - Nikolaus Gansterer - Mekhitar Garabedian - Pieter Geenen - Elias Grootaers - Jitka Hanzlova - Stefan Hertmans - Suchan Kinoshita - Mark Klett - Franciska Lambrechts - Marije Langelaar - Dirk Lauwaert - Lynne Cohen & Andrew Lugg - Mark Manders - Susan Meiselas - Jean-Luc Moulène - Simon Norfolk - Honoré d'O - Ben Okri - Rimini Protokoll Produktionsburo - Martha Rosler - Gerry Smith - Guy Tillum - Moniek Toebosch - Ana Torfs - Marc Trivier - Jens Ullrich - An van. Dienderen - Sarah Vanagt - Apichatpong Weerasethakul - Eliot Weinberger - Lawrence Weiner - Katarina Zdjelar - Howard Zinn

Time is a Book is not an end but a starting point and want to stimulate debate and reflection. Time Circles is an initiative in which a number of like-minded Flemish and Brussels organizations use the book as a source of inspiration to mount a project within the framework of their own activities and Time Out consists of a series of six debates, at six Ghent organizations between15th and 26th of November.

More information:
The full programme is available on www.timefestival.be