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º1951, Sleidinge (B)
M: +32 478 22 84 08
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Trees De Mits

For nearly a decade Trees de Mits has been working on a series of sculptures inspired by medical apparatus and human organs. She arranges her meticulously worked sculptures into small groups which are often displayed in formal glass vitrines as if she is a collector creating her own science museum. Each sculpture might refer to familiar body parts or medical instruments, but they also have their own unfamiliarities. These uncanny, hybrid objects are not only about being in the body, but are also about the body in time. They allude to what becomes of the body after death, as well as having the fascination of medieval relics held in precious caskets.
In addition to her compelling sculptures, Trees de Mits create also large format photographs. The human figures in her two-dimensional work are deliberately blurred so that all her bodies remain at one remove, both mysterious and resolutely untouchable. Some may have florid spots appearing like some infectious disease on the surface of the image. It is as if these silent figures are being viewed through the frosted glass of an operating theatre window.

(Extract text ÓSiobhan Wall, for Gallery De Witte Voet 2007)